Monthly Index LMP: This option is best for businesses that believe energy cost is going to decline in the future or that can adjust their energy usage during periods of high prices. A variable price option whereby customers pay based on their hourly consumption and the hourly utility clearing price. Non-energy costs are covered at a fixed price added onto the energy cost. At any point in time a customer can convert from a variable to a fixed rate program.

Fixed energy only: This solution is best for customers who want to gain control over a major portion of their energy cost. The cost of the actual electricity commodity is fixed, but the ancillary costs are passed on to the customer directly. The ancillary costs are not easily predicted because many variables affect these rates like congestion, reserves and regulation, etc. Often this fixed energy-only program is a less expensive option than an "All-in" program; however, you are exposed to ancillary cost increases.

neVolt: Nordic’s neVolt product allows customers to plan and budget based on firm market pricing for a specified duration. While regulatory factors which impact supply charges can cause changes to any pricing structure, the market factor driving the electricity supply purchase remains constant for the entire period providing a base assurance of a known cost.

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