Will the reliability of my electric or natural gas service change by partnering with Nordic Energy?
Your service, and how you receive your energy, does not change. The local utility company still will deliver in a safe and reliable manner.

What do I do in case of an emergency or outage?
Contact the appropriate local utility. They are responsible for the maintenance and transmission of your energy. Often times the phone number can be found on your last bill.

How am I billed?
Our residential customers will continue to receive one bill from their provider. Our energy costs will be added with your providers delivery costs.

Commercial accounts may receive two bills, one from your supplier (for energy) and one from the utility (for the delivery of energy). Some utilities combine both portions into one bill.

Who do I call if I have questions about my bill?
If your question is about the supply — call the supplier. If you have question about the delivery, you should call the utility.

How do I know if Nordic Energy Services is available in my area?
We supply natural gas and electricity throughout out the northern half of Illinois and Northwest Indiana. View a natural gas map or electric map.

Will I save money if I switch suppliers?
This depends on your volume of use, current utility charges, market prices, and the rate that a competitive supplier can offer. Competitive suppliers can often beat utility pricing. Click "Get A Quote" on the home page or call one of our sales associates today and find out what Nordic can do for you.

Can I return to the utility once I've switched?
Typically yes. However, each utility has different procedures and limitations. Check with your utility's web site.