Our goal is to be the most recognized and admired utility services company in the world!

By delivering state-of-the-art products, technology and services, we are determined to scale heights that have never been reached in the industry. We'll surprise our competitors with our imagination and execution, and our customers with our commitment to serving them.

At Nordic Energy Services, our aim is to excel in all we do. Determined to set new standards in the energy industry, we will stand far above the competition. Achieving this will take the power of a strong workforce...

James C. Deering is the CEO and President of Nordic Energy Services LLC.

Jim has over 12 years of energy industry experience. His energy career began with USX‐Delhi Gas Pipeline. Jim has been a part of three separate retail energy start ups Delhi Gas Pipeline, Exelon Energy and finally Nordic Energy. While at Nordic, which he founded in 2002, Jim has been involved in all areas of the business including; becoming AGS certified in two states, receiving ARES( Alternate Retail Electric Supplier ) as certified by the Illinois Commerce Commission, starting building and eventually conducting a multi-million dollar sale of Nordic Energy’s Indiana assets, interfacing with regulators in both Indiana and Illinois on behalf of Nordic, managing daily operations of a natural gas and electric retailer with over a thousand customers behind 5 utilities in two states, negotiating supply relationships for both natural gas and electricity, integrating billing systems, overseeing the development of customized software solutions, managing sales and marketing for Nordic, as well as interfacing with Nordic’s legal counsel. Additionally Jim holds a J.D. from The John Marshall School of Law.

Sean P. Deering, Director of Sales

Sean P. Deering, Director of Sales, joined Nordic on May 16, 2005. Sean has 23 years of successful sales, marketing, management and leadership experience in the Telecommunications and Energy industries most recently as Director of Indirect Sales for XO Communications and previously as an agent for Exelon Energy. Sean is responsible for both direct and indirect sales and reports to the President.

Kelli Singer, Chief Operating Officer

Kelli Singer is the Chief Operating Officer at Nordic Energy Services LLC. Kelli holds an M.B.A. from DePaul University and has over 14 years of de-regulated energy management experience. Most recently, Kelli was the Business Operations Manager for Exelon Energy where she oversaw all areas of operations including billing, customer service, contract administration and enrollment. Kelli has expertise in all aspects of natural gas and electric billing, operations, and account management. She is skilled at analyzing existing operations and implementing strategies and processes to improve efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

Noah Shapiro, VP Electric and Gas Pricing
Robert Schwalbach, Accounting and Finance Manager
Russell Rall, Director, Retail Sales
Blake Birch, General Counsel