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Maryland Energy Alternative Washington Gas

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Homeowners and renters in Baltimore, Maryland, have many choices when it comes to maintaining their residences. Understanding your options when it comes to natural gas suppliers in the area can help you make more informed choices and save money. Read through our information and frequently asked questions about why you may consider choosing an alternative gas supplier (AGS) instead of a local utility company.

Nordic Energy Is a Washington Gas Alternative in Maryland

Consumers in the Baltimore area who are frustrated with the energy costs provided by Washington Gas may be interested in switching to an alternative supplier. Once you learn you have options when it comes to your energy suppliers, you may never return to blindly accepting a utility payment again! If you have any questions, please give us a Call:  877-808-1022.

It's common for people not to understand how the energy market works, and many express confusion at the idea that they can switch to an alternative supplier that offers the lowest market prices available. Depending on your energy usage as well as where you live, there may be a big difference in your bill once you move away from your local utility company.

Why Choose Us for Your Energy Services

When you choose to switch to Nordic Energy, you are opting for a more conscious, eco-friendly service that focuses on sustainability and renewable energy. We also make it a point to provide you with responsive, friendly customer service! Below are three more reasons why you may consider making the switch today:

  • We offer quick quotes for those interested in switching to Nordic Energy from another supplier, and we have a dedicated customer service team that you can contact quickly
  • Switching to a deregulated supplier offers you the advantage of the lowest energy prices on the market
  • You won't have to depend on your local utility company like Washington Gas to tell you what type of service you can get and when — and you won't be tied to their prices either
  • We have a wide swath of customer education materials, including tips for using less energy and learning about energy usage

List of Counties We Serve

We are able to provide natural gas and energy services to every county in Maryland, and we are proud to be a Washington Gas alternative in this area. Call us today to discuss which services are right for your property, and let us know if you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Customers who are considering switching to a deregulated energy supplier often have many questions about how the process works, whether their natural gas service would be of the same quality they're used to, and whether they will be able to get in touch with their new natural gas supplier when they need to. Read through the following FAQs to determine whether a switch is right for you and your family.

What Exactly Does "Deregulated Energy" Mean?

Not every state has the option of choosing a deregulated energy service. Fortunately, in Maryland and several surrounding states, Nordic Energy is able to supply local residences and businesses with high-quality and low-cost services.

When energy is deregulated, it is no longer within the control of local utility companies. States that don't have a deregulated energy market depend on their local utilities to provide natural gas and electricity. If you opt for deregulated energy through an alternative supplier, this means that you are choosing an independently owned company to provide the energy itself.

When you switch to an alternative or independent supplier of energy, you take the future of your power use into your own hands, and you may feel more responsibility toward developing a more sustainable pattern of energy usage. You can educate yourself about natural gas usage as well as how you may lessen your consumption over time. The natural gas will still be delivered through the existing infrastructure, which your local utility company manages. Often, customers don't understand that they have the choice to switch because this infrastructure has already been placed.

Is It Easy To Switch Services?

Though it may seem like a big undertaking to cancel your local utility company's services, switching to a deregulated service such as Nordic Energy is actually not a complicated process. Just give us a call or send a message, and we'll get you started.

It's possible that your bill will look different after you switch, but it may not. Some people receive two bills that represent our services as well as the utility company's services. If you see two bills, it likely means that you are being charged for both the delivery of the natural gas, which is the utility company's job, as well as the gas itself, which is our job to supply to your residence. In other words, you don't have to worry that you are being billed for each service separately.

Natural Gas and Electricity Solutions in Maryland

If you're ready to see what Nordic Energy can offer you and your residence, get in touch with Nordic Energy today to find the best rate for you. We strive to provide efficient, customer-oriented service and are available to answer any questions you may have about natural gas, switching to a deregulated energy supplier, and more!

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