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New Jersey Energy Alternative South Jersey Gas

Natural gas is an essential utility for most New Jersey homes. Natural gas is a clean, efficient source of energy used for everything from home heating to stovetop cooking. South Jersey Gas has been the primary gas utility provider for residents of southern New Jersey, but thanks to energy deregulation, there are more options. When you choose an alternate gas service like Nordic Energy, you get to choose your price, compare rates, and personalize your gas utility experience.
That is the beauty of deregulated utilities in our state. If you're looking for new energy solutions for residential neighborhoods in New Jersey, Nordic Energy is a proud alternative provider.

Nordic Energy As a Gas Alternative

Alternative energy companies are rising, ranging from hopeful startups to established alternative utility providers. Nordic Energy is an established South Jersey Gas alternative, often chosen as a flexible and responsive natural gas option. We're here to offer superior pricing and service for any and all residents in South Jersey looking for an alternative service provider.

Why Choose Us for Gas Service in New Jersey

Flexible Plans

Nordic Energy is an adaptive natural gas and electric company. Our plans adapt to the market and are designed to meet your current needs. Our energy solutions for New Jersey residential customers are tailored to South Jersey families' local energy needs.

Optimized Pricing

One of the major benefits of an AGS (alternative gas service) is that we can adapt our pricing to the market - and will. Nordic strives to optimize pricing for our customers.

Responsive Customer Service

Nordic Energy prizes customer satisfaction above all else (except reliable access to energy.) Our team can assist you anytime, whether you have questions about alternative gas or a utility emergency.

Local Experts

Our South New Jersey team consists of real people who understand the needs of South Jersey gas customers.

Environmental Protection

Nordic Energy is also dedicated to environmental protection. You can rest assured that your natural gas is being sourced and handled constantly with green initiatives and emission offsets.

Make the Switch to Nordic Energy Today!

If you are looking for a gas company in South Jersey, Nordic Energy is a proud alternate supplier of natural gas and electricity solutions for New Jersey residents. Contact us today to make the switch.


What Is the Difference Between an Energy Utility and an Energy Supplier?

An energy utility is responsible for the gas delivery infrastructure - e.g., The lines that go to your house and the steady delivery of natural gas to your home. An energy supplier is a broker who offers service packages that determine your rates and energy usage prices. A utility typically offers default service rates, but in most states, customers can choose an energy supplier who then delivers through the local utility.

Why Choose an Alternative Gas Supplier?

An alternative gas supplier will optimize rates in your best interests. Choosing an alternative gas supplier allows you to compare rates and packages to determine the natural gas solution that is best for you.

What if I Don't Understand What's on My Gas Bill?

Contact us if you have any questions about your service or gas bill. Nordic Energy's customer service staff are happy to provide you with the answers you need.

DISCLAIMER: Nordic Energy Services, LLC ("Nordic"), is not the same entity as your electric delivery company. You are not required to enroll with Nordic. Beginning on (effective date), the electric supply price to compare is (price in cents per kilowatt hour). The electric utility electric supply price will expire on (expiration date). The utility electric supply price to compare does not include the purchased electricity adjustment factor. For more information go to the Illinois Commerce Commission's free website at The purchased electricity adjustment factor may range between +.5 cents and -.5 cents per kilowatt hour.
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