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DTE Energy Alternative in Michigan

DTE Energy Alternative in Michigan

You may not realize it, but you have a choice when it comes to your electric and natural gas companies. While many people choose to stick with their utility companies as both the supplier and provider of energy, others have decided to go with an alternative gas supplier (AGS) or alternative retail electric supplier (ARES).

Nordic Energy has supplied natural gas and electricity to residents living in multiple states, including Michigan. Our experience has put us at the forefront of the gas choice movement.

Nordic Energy is a DTE Energy Alternative 

To better understand how Nordic Energy serves as an alternative to DTE Energy, it’s essential to start with how these companies differ. DTE Energy is a natural gas utility. They own and operate the systems that provide natural gas to homes, businesses, and other buildings in the area. In essence, they are responsible for the infrastructure behind the distribution of energy in your local area. 

So, your natural gas utility will be the ones to read your gas meter and resolve maintenance issues. Suppose you believe there’s an issue with the infrastructure, such as a gas leak or power outage. In that case, you’ll reach out to the local natural gas utility company even if you use an alternative gas supplier. 

An alternative gas supplier, though, is responsible for the purchasing and sourcing of natural gas. The AGS then uses the infrastructure maintained by the utility company to bring its supply of natural gas to its customers.

Typically, an alternative gas supplier will purchase their natural gas through commodity contracts available on the wholesale market. Once purchased, they then resell the gas to their customers to fulfill their natural gas needs.

Your local utility company can act as your natural gas supplier in addition to their role in maintaining the infrastructure. This can give them complete control over the local natural gas operations in your community. When they control the whole mechanism, it can stifle innovation from supply to distribution and leave customers trapped without good alternatives. 

An alternative gas supplier, like Nordic Energy Services, can’t rely on this type of control. Instead, they have to innovate through competitive pricing, superior customer service, and new product offerings to attract customers.

Why Choose Us 

When it comes to alternative suppliers of energy in Michigan, you have plenty of choices. Though, Nordic Energy stands as the leader of the pack due to our experience, innovation, and customer-focus. We truly believe that these advantages should make us your choice for your supply of energy. 

Currently, we serve over 140,000 residential customer equivalent accounts throughout the country. This experience has taught us the importance of prioritizing the customer and offering the best, most straightforward energy solutions.

For instance, unlike other suppliers, we obtain gas and electricity from multiple sources. This means we often purchase energy as the lowest market cost available. Alternative gas suppliers who are locked in with only one source will have to make purchases at higher costs, which are often passed on to the customer. 

We also move quickly and try to forgo red tape whenever possible. This lets us have quick response times to customer questions and queries. We can also quote prices close to real-time, unlike the hours or days it takes for competitors to provide a potential price for the services. Our fast quotes make it easier for you to know what you’re getting and for how much. It also makes it easier for you to shop around and make an informed decision about your gas and electricity company. 

Our superior customer service also means that each of our customers receives a dedicated sales executive backed by an energy management team that can assist you when you need it. Our flexible energy options mean we’re always working with you to increase your energy efficiency and reduce surprises.

That’s also why we believe in educating our customers. We publish a Weekly Gas Outlook so you can look at the same market intelligence we do, including whether energy prices are going up or down. This arms you with information to make the best energy decisions for your home or business. 


Who Do You Call If Your Power Goes Out? 

For any maintenance issues with the delivery of energy, you should call your local utility company. They are responsible for ensuring the infrastructure is safe and operational regardless of who you choose to supply your natural gas or electricity. 

Who Should You Call If There’s a Billing Issue? 

It depends. Issues regarding the delivery of energy should still be directed to your local utility company. Your alternative gas supplier should answer any questions about the supply of energy. 

Furthermore, residential customers should still expect to only receive one bill for their energy use. The bill is issued by the local utility company, and any additional costs stemming from us or another alternative gas supplier will be added to it. 

What’s the Difference in Pricing? 

Utility companies often use a variable-rate pricing plan. This means that as the market changes, so does the cost of energy. Most alternative energy suppliers offer fixed-rate pricing, so you’ll know the rate you’re paying for the agreed-upon duration. 

What Counties Does Nordic Energy Serve? 

We currently supply natural gas to all counties in Michigan, and we plan on also offering an electric power alternative in the future. 

At Nordic Energy, we believe consumers deserve to make an informed decision regarding who they choose as their energy supplier. Contact us today at 877-808-1022 with any questions. 


Featured Image: William McGahan / Shutterstock

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