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Nordic Energy: Alternative to Columbia Gas in Virginia

When you develop your household budget, the line item for utilities and energy costs is significant. Many people look for solutions such as smart thermostats and upgraded equipment. However, many people don't know that they can choose a vendor other than Columbia Gas of Virginia. Alternatives like Nordic Energy are worth exploring because they give you more control over your household expenses.

Nordic Energy Is a Columbia Gas of Virginia Alternative

Nordic is a Chicago-based company that supplies energy solutions to residential and commercial customers. As an Alternative Retail Electric Supplier (ARES) and Alternative Gas Supplier (AGS), we serve customers in nine states by giving them a choice between Nordic and their traditional energy provider. We source electricity and gas from multiple vendors to get the best pricing. Most competitors obtain energy from a single source, limiting their ability to get the best rates for you. Greater competition is just one of the benefits to consumers in a deregulated energy market.

We can usually beat typical utility prices, plus we offer generous perks that you won't get from traditional systems.

Why Choose Us for Your Energy Needs

When you choose Nordic Energy for your home's gas and electric needs, you get more than just the savings on your energy.

  • You get a dedicated customer service team made up of professionals who understand your market.

  • You get generous Rewards Dollars when you make the switch, including a $50 Amazon gift card when you sign up. You earn $50 per month in Rewards Dollars for a total of $600 per year. These perks can be used in more than 500,000 ways, including online shopping, restaurants, travel, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Working with an alternative to Columbia Gas of Virginia gas is a new concept for many consumers. You may have some questions about how you can benefit from switching and how to go about making a move. Here are a few of the most common questions.

What Does Deregulated Energy Mean?

Deregulated energy means that consumers can purchase energy services from an entity other than Columbia Gas of Virginia. The market is open to companies located outside the local area, and competition drives down prices for everyone. The local utility still owns the delivery infrastructure in a deregulated environment.

How Do I Switch Services?

Some consumers may think that switching to Nordic Energy is complicated. However, it's straightforward. You won't need any new equipment because your energy travels over the same infrastructure, whether you get it from Nordic Energy or Columbia Gas of Virginia. Visit our website to look up rates and start the process of switching. You can sign up online, but if you prefer to speak to someone over the phone, you'll find the contact number there as well.

Will My Service Be As Reliable if I Choose Nordic Energy?

Your household energy travels through the same network as always, even when Nordic Energy is your provider. Columbia Gas of Virginia still provides the delivery infrastructure, so you have the same level of reliability. The local utility is responsible for maintaining the equipment, so they are accountable for getting your service back online in an outage.

Will My Bill Look Different When I Switch to Nordic Energy?

As a residential Nordic Energy customer, you will still receive one bill. Columbia Gas of Virginia bills you for the delivery costs and adds the charges from Nordic Energy to the statement as well. Commercial customers may receive two bills. If you have billing questions, you will call Columbia Gas for inquiries about the delivery charges and Nordic Energy about energy costs.

Can Nordic Energy Help Me Conserve Energy?

At Nordic Energy, we believe in saving energy whenever possible; it's good for the planet and your budget. Here are a few tips to help you conserve.

  • If the light fixtures in your home are several years old, consider replacing them with newer models. Modern equipment has a focus on the efficient use of energy.

  • Clean or replace the air filters in your HVAC system on a regular schedule. Clean filters do a better job of cleaning the air, and your heating and air system doesn't have to work as hard to move air through new filters.

  • It's tempting to leave devices like computers and printers plugged in and powered on. However, they draw power even when in sleep mode, so turn them off or disconnect them when you're not actively using them.

  • Use natural resources whenever possible. Open blinds or shades to let sunlight flow in, open windows when the weather is pleasant, and use fans to draw in air and reduce reliance on your HVAC system.

List of Counties We Serve

Nordic Energy serves all counties in Virginia that are served by Columbia Gas of Virginia gas.

Learn More About Our Natural Gas and Electricity Solutions

To learn more about Nordic Energy as an alternative to Columbia Gas of Virginia, contact us today. Our friendly and knowledgeable team of professionals can answer all your questions and help you take the next step toward making the most of your utility dollars.

DISCLAIMER: Nordic Energy Services, LLC ("Nordic"), is not the same entity as your electric delivery company. You are not required to enroll with Nordic. Beginning on (effective date), the electric supply price to compare is (price in cents per kilowatt hour). The electric utility electric supply price will expire on (expiration date). The utility electric supply price to compare does not include the purchased electricity adjustment factor. For more information go to the Illinois Commerce Commission's free website at The purchased electricity adjustment factor may range between +.5 cents and -.5 cents per kilowatt hour.
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