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Massachusetts Energy Alternative Eversource - Eastern MA

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Are you a Massachusetts electric or natural gas customer that uses Eversource - Eastern MA as your energy supplier? Have you ever wondered if there are other options for natural gas and electricity solutions that are more efficient, have faster customer response times, and provide a more consistent supply? If so, it may be time to consider an alternative retail electric supplier or alternative gas supplier for your energy needs. You may be surprised to know that Massachusetts energy customers have several options for energy supply other than Eversource - Eastern MA or other public utilities.

Learning more about these alternative energy suppliers, such as Nordic Energy, can help you decide if it’s the right path for your situation. Learning more about these alternative energy suppliers, such as Nordic Energy, can help you decide if it’s the right path for your situation. 

Nordic Energy Is an Eversource Electric Alternative

What does it mean to be an alternative to a public utility for electricity or natural gas? As implied, you have a choice to stick with the default option of a local utility or select an alternative company to provide your energy. When natural gas or electricity infrastructures are built, they are used to transport power to public utilities and any other company that needs the same infrastructure to operate. This means that if you are a current Eversource Electric customer, you will not need any additional equipment installation or new lines if you choose to switch to Nordic Energy as your alternative supplier. 

You may have heard the terms ARES and AGS when researching energy companies in Massachusetts. These terms stand for Alternative Retail Energy Supplier and Alternative Gas Supplier and refer to private companies, such as Nordic Energy, that supply energy to customers. Most areas of Massachusetts have multiple ARES and AGS companies from which to choose, so the competition is always strong. This competitiveness elevates all alternative supply companies in ways that you don’t necessarily experience from a public utility. 

Why Choose Nordic Energy? 

Although it has been established that many Massachusetts home and business owners choose an ARES or AGS over the local public utility, why should you choose Nordic Energy over the other ARES and AGS competitors? Providing customers with the best service is the priority at Nordic Energy, and the benefits are evident to those who decide to make the change. 

Customers who choose Nordic Energy enjoy a more consistent supply of energy. This steady supply comes from the company contracting with multiple supply sources. If one source is having distribution difficulties, the others keep the supply going. Using multiple sources also gives Nordic Energy the flexibility to negotiate and change sources if one does not agree to reasonable terms. 

Nordic Energy prides itself on customer education. Response time is also of great importance, so whether you call for an initial quote or contact for any questions or specific problems, someone always responds quickly with the information you requested. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are setting up natural gas or electric service for the first time or are making the switch from a public utility to an ARES or AGS, it’s normal to have plenty of questions about the change. The answers to some of the most frequently asked questions can help you navigate this change and provide clarity. 

How Will the Utility Billing Change? 

In most cases, you will still receive only a monthly bill for your natural gas or electric services. In some cases, the utility still sends one bill, and the usage bill comes from Nordic Energy. The company makes every effort to streamline the process and make it simple for customers to navigate. 

How Does Nordic Energy Provide Competitive Rates? 

Due to the multiple sources of energy used by Nordic Energy, any source that doesn’t provide competitive rates can be terminated and changed to another source that was willing to negotiate. Nordic Energy continuously works to make sure you are receiving the best deal possible while still getting high-quality customer service. 

What Additional Incentives Does Nordic Energy Provide? 

To show appreciation to loyal customers, Nordic Energy provides a robust rewards program. Every month, each customer receives 50 reward dollars, which can be spent at a variety of restaurants, entertainment venues, and shopping locations. These rewards are Nordic Energy’s way of saying thank you for being a customer.  

List of Counties Nordic Energy Serves

If you are a current Eversource Electric customer, Nordic Energy is an option as an ARES and AGS. The company serves all counties in Massachusetts. 

Make the Switch to Nordic Energy

Making the switch to an independently-owned alternative electric supplier may seem like a big leap, but the team at Nordic Energy makes the process easy for you. For more information about what it means to use an ARES or AGS for your energy or to receive a quick quote, contact Nordic Energy today.

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