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Ohio Energy Alternative Columbia Gas of Ohio

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If you live in Ohio, there's a good chance that your local Utility company and default natural gas provider is Columbia Gas of Ohio. Serving the majority of counties in Ohio, this utility company offers a few default energy solutions for residential neighborhoods, but it's not your only option. If you are dissatisfied and looking for a better alternative to Columbia Gas of Ohio as your natural gas provider, consider Nordic Energy.

Nordic Energy is a proud alternative gas supplier known for custom packages and adaptive pricing to help you find the most affordable solution to natural gas for your home and lifestyle needs.

Nordic Energy Is the Best Columbia Gas of Ohio Alternative

Anywhere that the utility pipes of Columbia Gas of Ohio can reach, Nordic Energy can provide alternative rates and residential energy packages. Many Ohio residents have had a negative experience with the customer service or pricing of Columbia Gas of Ohio and are looking for a change. Nordic Energy values your customer experience and your steady access to natural gas. We will ensure you find favorable rates and receive any support you may need.

Why Choose Us for Gas Services in Ohio

  • Adaptive Pricing
    • Nordic Energy keeps pace with the current energy market, providing adaptive and optimized pricing for natural gas to ensure that customers get the best possible price. Unlike utility companies that often offer static and unfavorable rates, we seek to give our customers the benefit of energy market pricing.
  • Personalized Service
    • Nordic Energy will help you find the best rates for your natural gas needs. We work directly with Ohio residents to tailor your natural gas rates to your usage and pricing needs.
  • Responsive Customer Support
    • Whether you have questions or services, Nordic Energy has a responsive human support staff ready to take your call and provide the answers you need. We value customer experience highly and your satisfaction matters to us.
  • Green Energy Initiatives
    • Nordic Energy is dedicated to eco-friendly initiatives including renewable energy packages for electricity and responsible emissions offsets.

Make the Switch From Columbia Gas of Ohio, Today!

If you are considering switching from Columbia Gas of Ohio to an alternative natural gas supplier, Nordic Energy would be honored to be your new choice in natural gas. Our energy solutions for residential Ohio are adaptive, personalized, and supported by responsive customer service. Contact us today to ask questions and get started making the switch.



What Is the Difference Between an Energy Utility and an Energy Supplier?

An energy utility company is responsible for the infrastructure that carries energy to your home, as well as repairs and upkeep. They may also provide service packages and, once, were the only option for getting your energy. However, energy suppliers can broker alternative deals and offer different rates, giving you an option in energy pricing and packages. Your natural gas will still come from the same pipes, but your price package will be different.

Why Choose an Alternative Gas Supplier Instead of Columbia Gas of Ohio?

Columbia Gas of Ohio only offers a few pricing options, and they may not be right for you. If you're looking for a more personalized service or more adaptive natural gas pricing, an alternative gas supplier (AGS) like Nordic Energy may be a better option.

What if There's Something You Don't Understand on Your Gas Bill?

If there's anything you don't understand about your gas bill, just ask. The customer service team at Nordic Energy is happy to help you gain full understanding of your natural gas price package and how to read your bill. Contact us to ask any questions.

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