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Ohio Energy Alternative DP&L

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Residents of Ohio need an energy provider to bring power to homes and businesses. Fortunately, Ohio is an energy-deregulated state, which means you are able to choose the best energy provider from a variety of private companies. Many households started their domestic energy contract with DP&L energy providers, but as of 2011, DP&L was acquired by Applied Energy Services, or AES for short.

Whether you're looking to renew a contract or have recently moved back to Ohio after a break, you may be surprised to learn that finding an alternative to DP&L, the once-prominent Ohio energy provider, is necessary. We're here to help you find the best DP&L alternative to energy solutions for Ohio residents. You want an energy provider offering quality energy services and current availability. Nordic Energy can help.

Looking for the Best Alternative to AES Ohio

After the switch, many Ohio locals began looking for the best alternative to DP&L. One of the best energy supplier options in Ohio is Nordic Energy. As an independent energy supplier, Nordic Energy works hard to provide Ohio residents and business owners with excellent service.

We are ready to tailor your energy program to your needs and offer complete billing transparency. With responsive customer service, all your questions will be answered, and we will always make you confident about the status of your power or your account.

What Is the Difference Between an Energy Utility and an Energy Supplier?

When choosing your Ohio energy company, it's important to understand the difference between an energy utility and an energy supplier.

An energy utility company manages the power lines and substations that carry electricity to your house. For example, the utility is responsible when storms take down a power line. AES Ohio is an energy utility. However, with energy deregulation, you don't have to buy your electricity from solely the local utility company anymore.

An energy supplier like Nordic Energy is actually an energy broker. A supplier can source energy from many different providers, including green energy generators. You and the residents in your community then negotiate your energy program, managing your account and payments through the supplier while power still comes in the same way through the existing power lines installed in your home. Energy suppliers seek optimal energy deals to provide energy customers with the best value and service.

Nordic Energy Provides the Quality You Deserve

Customer care and steady energy service matter most to your energy supplier. Nordic Energy prioritizes customer care and high-quality energy services to meet the needs of modern Ohio families and businesses. We strive to be a worthy DP&L alternative energy solution for residential customers that reminds you of the considerate local service you're more familiar with.

Nordic is a supplier of energy products and also provides energy management services and solutions for commercial and industrial customers. If you're a business owner, we can offer assistance in developing strategies for procuring gas and power, creating risk management solutions, advising on energy cost reduction strategies, and providing other energy-related consulting services to help customers navigate today's complex energy markets.


Make the switch today to Nordic!

If you're looking for an alternative to your electrical supplier, Nordic Energy would be honored to become your energy supplier of choice. Make the switch. Contact us today to learn how.



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