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SEMCO Alternative in Michigan

Natural gas is a safe and clean option for delivering energy to Michigan homes and businesses. It helps keep every room toasty during the coldest winters and provides energy for water heaters, stoves, and fireplaces. In the commercial sector, natural gas is one of the best options for heating locations and powering industrial manufacturing processes. No matter how you use your energy, our goal at Nordic Energy is to give you the best service.

Nordic Energy is a Well-Known SEMCO Gas Alternative

Michigan enjoys a deregulated energy program, meaning you’re free to select your own energy supplier. This applies to homeowners, small business owners, manufacturing companies, corporations, and many other users of natural gas. Nordic Energy is a trusted alternative gas supplier. Even if SEMCO is your energy utility, you can choose us as your AGS.

Why Choose Us

At Nordic Energy, we have over 18 years in business and a combined 170 years in the energy market. Our teams provide energy to corporate and residential clients in 10 different states serviced by 46 utilities. Here are some of the benefits of choosing us as your AGS:

  • Reduced energy costs: We're able to source natural gas from many different parts of the country, which often allows us to provide lower rates than buying directly from SEMCO. This competitive pricing benefits residential customers, managers of multifamily housing, and businesses across numerous industries.
  • Excellent service: Unlike government-backed utilities that have to follow strict rules for every decision, we’re flexible. This allows us to adapt to your needs quickly.
  • Friendly assistance: One of the things our residential customers love the most is our friendliness. Our team is down-to-earth and happy to help. Whether you need assistance switching your energy supplier or just have questions, we’re always a phone call or email away.
  • Fixed pricing: A great benefit of selecting a SEMCO alternative is that you enjoy fixed pricing instead of constantly changing energy costs. This can have a huge impact on business operations, letting you manage overhead effectively, and reducing the effects of market volatility for your company.
  • Innovative business solutions: As a privately owned company, we invest in great solutions for our business clients. We can look outside the box to meet your manufacturing budget for natural gas sourcing.

In addition to supplying natural gas, we also provide strategic commercial consulting for industrial and corporate clients in Michigan. From helping you reduce operating costs to showing smart risk management strategies for your business, we can aid in boosting your profits.


How Does Billing Change If You Switch from SEMCO to Nordic Energy?

After switching to Nordic Energy as your energy supplier, residential customers continue receiving bills from the current utility, in this case, SEMCO. We become your energy supplier instead of SEMCO, and the negotiated cost of natural gas appears on your regular bill. Depending on the specific needs, commercial customers may receive one utility bill from SEMCO and one natural gas bill from us.

How Much Money Can You Retain By Choosing Nordic Energy?

The amount each client currently pays varies depending on their SEMCO billing rate, the volume of use, and market prices. We’re always transparent about pricing, and we’ll let you know how much you have to pay upfront.

What Types of Businesses Do We Work With?

In Michigan, we partner with countless industries to take care of their natural gas and electric supply needs. This includes hospitals, police stations, schools, restaurants, office buildings, factories, grocery stores, automotive repair shops, sporting venues, and many other businesses. We have extensive experience with the industrial manufacturing sector.

Counties We Serve

At Nordic Energy, we’re happy to serve residential and business customers throughout Michigan. As a premier SEMCO alternative, we’re available anywhere SEMCO is. This includes Wayne, Macomb, Oakland, Ottawa, Genesee, Saginaw, Washtenaw, and Kent Counties, in addition to many more. To find out more about our natural gas procurement services and energy management services, contact our friendly and professional team in Michigan right away. Or Call 877-808-1022


Featured Image: Shutterstock / Ehrlif

An energy utility installs and maintains the network that delivers natural gas to your home or business. Utilities are responsible for fixing problems and correcting outages. NIPSCO is one of the main energy utilities in Indiana. On the other hand, an energy supplier such as Nordic Energy sources the natural gas needed, negotiating competitive prices with providers around the country.

Thanks to Indiana’s deregulated market, an AGS can give you more options for contracts and pricing to choose from. This is like going to the grocery store and being able to purchase the brand you want, not being forced to go with a single brand.

Our staff is friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. We’re happy to answer customer questions and explain anything residential clients don’t understand. You can call us at 844-696-7663 at any time. We also assist businesses in choosing the best natural gas options.

DISCLAIMER: Nordic Energy Services, LLC ("Nordic"), is not the same entity as your electric delivery company. You are not required to enroll with Nordic. Beginning on (effective date), the electric supply price to compare is (price in cents per kilowatt hour). The electric utility electric supply price will expire on (expiration date). The utility electric supply price to compare does not include the purchased electricity adjustment factor. For more information go to the Illinois Commerce Commission's free website at The purchased electricity adjustment factor may range between +.5 cents and -.5 cents per kilowatt hour.
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