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Ohio Energy Alternative Dominion Energy Ohio

Dominion Energy is a massive regulated utility company with branches in Ohio. Unfortunately, like many utilities, Dominion Energy Ohio is an unsympathetic provider with opaque policies and a rack of negative reviews with the Better Business Bureau. So if you've been having trouble with your Dominion Energy Ohio gas or electricity services, you're not alone. Fortunately, you have options.

Alternative energy companies like Nordic Energy make it possible to renegotiate your energy solutions for residential neighborhoods so that you can seek better pricing, more considerate customer service, and the transparent billing you need to confidently manage your household.

Nordic Energy Is the Best Dominion Energy Ohio Alternative

Nordic Energy strives to provide everything you have missed as a customer of Dominion Energy Ohio. We provide adaptive rates and customer packages and value our customer experience highly. You don't have to stay with an energy supplier that leaves you overpaying and underserved, even if they are the local utility. That is the beauty of deregulated energy in the state of Ohio. You can choose an alternative supplier like Nordic Energy who puts your pricing and experience first.

Why Choose Us for Energy Services in Ohio

  • Flexible Rates
    • Our gas and electricity rates adapt to the current energy market. We optimize prices for your benefit and will help you choose the best package for your energy and budget needs.
  • Eco-Friendly Practices
    • Nordic Energy is dedicated to green business practices. We invest in full offsets for natural gas and offer completely renewable energy options for your home electricity, among other eco-friendly initiatives.
  • Attentive Customer Service
    • You will never feel like just a number when you work with Nordic Energy. Our live and attentive customer service reps will gladly answer your questions, help you choose the right service, and address your concerns with consideration for your needs and experience.
  • Local Ohio Experts
    • Local experts in Ohio allow us to tailor energy solutions for residential customers. This is so we're able to meet your needs.

Make the Switch From Dominion Energy Ohio, Today!

Are you dissatisfied as customer of Dominion Energy Ohio? You have options. Explore Nordic Energy as your natural gas and electricity solutions provider. We would be honored to have you as a customer and will help you achieve the rates and support you have been missing. Contact us to start making the switch today.


What Is the Difference Between an Energy Utility and an Energy Supplier?

An energy utility builds, maintains and repairs the infrastructure (power lines and gas pipes) for a region. They can also supply basic price packages for locals. An energy supplier is a broker who can offer better and more personalized energy packages and rates for customers. When you choose an energy supplier, your power still comes through the utility lines, but your pricing is determined by an independent contract.

Why Choose an Alternative Electricity Supplier Instead of Dominion Energy Ohio?

What Dominion Energy Ohio does best is maintain the local utility infrastructure. However, their rates and customer service leave something to be desired. Customers can often get better prices and far better service by choosing an alternative electricity and gas supplier instead.

What if There's Something I Don't Understand on My Electricity Bill?

With Nordic Energy, you're never left in the dark. If you have any questions about your electricity bill, rates, or service package, just contact us and ask. We'll be glad to give you all the answers you need to feel confident with your monthly power.

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