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Massachusetts Energy Alternative Boston Edison

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It may not be common knowledge that residents and business owners in some states can choose a private supplier for natural gas and electricity solutions instead of the default public utility. If you are a home or business owner in Massachusetts, you have control of what utility company you would like to choose. By changing your electric or natural gas supplier to a private company, you can discover the benefits an alternative retail supplier provides. 

Nordic Energy Is a Boston Edison Alternative

What does it mean when a company serves as an alternative to Boston Edison? Boston Edison is one part of a large utility company that serves Massachusetts residences and commercial buildings. When you move to the area or set up initial electric or natural gas in a building, your default choice for energy is the local public utility. Many Massachusetts residents do not realize other options are available that can bring them many benefits. 

Instead of choosing the default local utility, you have the option to select an Alternative Retail Energy Supplier and Alternative Gas Supplier. These ARES and AGS companies, such as Nordic Energy, use the same energy infrastructure as the public utility but use different sources to supply that energy to customers. Although the sourcing, billing, and payments go through your chosen ARES or AGS, any infrastructure problems, such as a damaged power line or leaking natural gas line, are handled directly with the public utility. 

Why Choose Nordic Energy? 

There are several distinct advantages to choosing an ARES or AGS over a local public utility and even more benefits specific to choosing Nordic Energy as your preferred supplier. Unlike a public utility, which gains access to a single source to supply energy to customers, many ARES and AGS companies use multiple sources of energy. Nordic Energy follows this model, using several different sources to keep a consistent supply. This means if one supply source goes offline or becomes damaged, other sources still keep the supply functioning as usual. 

Choosing Nordic Energy as your energy supplier also means you get the most competitive rates. Unlike public utilities, which charge rates according to the current market price of natural gas and electricity, Nordic Energy can work with you to pay a more consistent rate per billing cycle. ARES and AGS must compete against one another to provide the best solution for customers, so you know you are always getting the best the industry has to offer when you choose Nordic Energy. 

Nordic Energy is a company that prides itself on the quality of customer service it offers. Whether you are making initial contact to request a quote or are calling because you need assistance with the service or billing, the customer service team provides a lightning-fast turnaround time. By always putting the customer first and providing the best service the industry has to offer, Nordic Energy is the clearly superior choice when it comes to alternative energy suppliers in Massachusetts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are deciding whether to leave your local utility for an ARES or AGS, or you are trying to choose between alternative energy supply companies, learning more about the process can help you make a more informed decision. Some of the most frequently asked questions involve pricing differences and the advantages of choosing Nordic Energy over competitors. 

What Is the Nordic Energy Pricing Model? 

Pricing for Nordic Energy works differently than with a public utility. Instead of modifying charges as the market fluctuates up and down, most ARES and AGS companies negotiate a flat cost and pass that stability onto customers.

How Does Nordic Energy Compare to Competitors? 

Nordic Energy stays a step ahead of the rest by providing excellence in customer service. Customers also can enjoy a robust rewards system and other incentives for signing up and continuing service. To keep you informed, the company also provides continuing education through newsletters and updates. 

Will You Still Need To Work With Your Local Utility Company? 

Although most of the communication about your electricity or natural gas will be direct with Nordic Energy, there are still some cases when speaking with the public utility is necessary. If an infrastructure problem occurs, it is handled by the utility. The bill would come from the utility company and the supply charges would come from Nordic Energy. 

List of Counties Nordic Energy Serves

Nordic Energy serves every county in the state of Massachusetts with natural gas and electricity. If you are currently a Boston Edison customer or a part of the large public utility group that includes Boston Edison, you are eligible to switch to Nordic Energy as your alternative retail supplier. Find out more info on our FAQ page

Choose Nordic Energy as Your Alternative Retail Supplier

Nordic Energy is in the business of providing a steady supply of energy to customers while still keeping competitive prices. As a company that prides itself on the quality of customer service it provides, you will see the difference an alternative retail supplier makes from the moment you first request a quote. To learn more about your energy supply options or to request a quote, contact Nordic Energy at (877) 808-1022 today.

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