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Use your rewards to save on brands like:

Win gift cards, prizes, giveaways & bonuses:

You’ve got the power of perks.

No energy goes to waste with the Nordic Energy Rewards Program. Earn $50 in Reward Dollars monthly plus access to exclusive deals and giveaways just for being a customer.

Save more on what you love.

Enjoy huge savings with your favorite brands, restaurants, online shops, and more with Reward Dollars you can use in over 500,000 ways. With daily giveaways and exclusive deals, the savings keep coming.

Our customers get more with:

Discounts at local restaurants
Online purchase savings
Entertainment ticket deals
Automatically enetered giveaways.
Enticing travel specials
Grocery coupons
Daily bonuses + giveaways

How it works.

With the Nordic Energy Rewards Program, each customer earns directly-deposited Reward Dollars that can be used in over 500,000 ways.
Customers collect $50 in Reward Dollars per month—$600 in Reward Dollars per year.
Reward Dollars are applicable to local or online shopping, travel, restaurants, entertainment venues, and more. Plus, enjoy gift card giveaways, rewarding challenges, and other exclusive bonuses.


  • How do I use my rewards?
    Simply log in to your rewards account at and scroll through to check out the different benefits.

  • Do Reward Dollars expire?
    Never. Your Reward Dollars are banked month after month and don’t expire. If you earned $50 in Reward Dollars this month and didn’t use any, you’ll have $100 in Reward Dollars next month.

  • How do I log in to my account?
    Head over to the program website at Click login, and you’ll be asked for your username and password. Your username is your 10-digit phone number, and your password is your 5-digit zip code so it’s easy to remember. Or, if we have your email on file, you can always click on one of the reward emails we’ve sent.

  • When do I get more Reward Dollars?
    Every month. We make a new Reward Dollars deposit on the first of every month as long as you’re still an active Nordic Energy customer.

  • How much does it cost?
    It’s free. It’s our way of saying thank you for being a part of the Nordic Energy family.

Start earning in 3 simple steps.

Enroll. Receive Rewards Dollars immediately.
Log in with your phone number and zip code.
Search all the ways you can save, available 24/7/365.

All product and company names depicted are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them. Reward enrollment and online/mobile redemption are required before use of rewards. Participating offers subject to change. Reward Dollars are not gift cards or gift certificates and have no cash value. Odds of winning the Daily Gift Card Giveaway (“DGCG”) vary daily, based on the number of DGCG entries received between 9am EST and 9pm EST. Limit one (1) DGCG entry per customer per day. DGCG limited to Nordic Energy Rewards program customers aged eighteen (18) and over. No purchase necessary for entry in the DGCG. Purchase activity will not increase the odds of winning the daily DGCG prize.

DISCLAIMER: Nordic Energy Services, LLC ("Nordic"), is not the same entity as your electric delivery company. You are not required to enroll with Nordic. Beginning on (effective date), the electric supply price to compare is (price in cents per kilowatt hour). The electric utility electric supply price will expire on (expiration date). The utility electric supply price to compare does not include the purchased electricity adjustment factor. For more information go to the Illinois Commerce Commission's free website at The purchased electricity adjustment factor may range between +.5 cents and -.5 cents per kilowatt hour.
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