Monthly Index Pricing – Index Pricing is based on published market rates. Index Pricing is suited for businesses that wish to purchase at market rates or that have the ability to adjust their usage as the market changes. Index pricing is typically less than fixed price options, but volatility will change the price regularly. Index Pricing is a great product for those that believe the natural gas cost will decline.

Fixed Pricing – Fixed Pricing programs eliminate uncertainty. You no longer have to worry about price volatility. Nordic has flexible options that allow you to lock in a portion of your load or all of it for a set amount of time. You will be billed the same amount for this portion for the predetermined length of time and be able to manage expenses and budget more accurately.

Basis Pricing – Basis Pricing allows you to purchase natural gas at market prices, but lock in transportation rates (price between index pricing and the utility) to increase certainty from month to month. This allows businesses to take advantage of downward markets, but ensure fixed transportation rates.

Trigger Pricing – Nordic Energy Services offers Trigger Pricing to allow a customer to convert from an Index or Basis product to a fixed rate when future prices are favorable. With this feature built into your custom energy program, when the market reaches a predetermined price the contract is locked in - - or simply inform Nordic at any point during the relationship that you want to take advantage of the fixed rate.

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