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New Jersey Energy Alternative JCP&L Electric

It is no surprise that energy costs money. Still, many homeowners greet their monthly electricity bills with shock when they find out how much their power consumption costs. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says households spend around $4,400 annually on fuel, utilities, and other public services. Anything you can do to conserve energy and cut down these costs is a step in the right direction.

At Nordic Energy Services, we have the best energy solutions for residential in the New Jersey region. As your reliable energy alternative, PSEG Gas is a reliable natural gas that you can get at competitive prices. We'll tell you more about our offering and how you can leverage these energy alternatives to power your home.

Importance of Having Energy Alternatives in New Jersey

With the recent deregulation of gas and electricity, New Jersey residents can choose their preferred energy providers and go with their most preferred option.

Alternative energy providers like Nordic Energy offer reliable energy and competitive pricing with solutions that effectively fit your home's energy needs. Traditionally, the big energy providers serve zoning areas and have very few options when you want to customize your energy needs.

Homeowners can also choose the best energy provider by comparing prices and alternatives that provide value for money and lower overall utility bills. Such flexibility is unavailable for homes that get their energy from current providers. We guarantee a constant energy supply at affordable rates and sufficient to power your home. Talk to our team today to see our rates.

Who Benefits From Our Services

We help anyone looking to enjoy the benefits of deregulation in their residential homes or business. We are currently servicing over 140,000 residential customer equivalent (RCE) accounts in the country. We obtain our gas and electricity from multiple sources to ensure you get energy at the lowest market cost.

Why Choose Nordic Energy

Start using PSEG Gas to enjoy the numerous benefits and reduce your home energy costs. We have the best energy solutions for both residential and industrial clients. We work within your budget to help you procure gas that fits your budget needs at the best price.

We have a specialist who offers expert consultations and helps you unravel other related issues that affect your energy consumption. In this way, we help you manage uncertainties in the complex energy markets.

You can rely on us for all your energy needs when you constantly provide energy. Our internal mechanisms streamline our customer management policies and handle any problems if they occur to avoid extended downtimes.

As an independent alternative gas supplier in the area, we strive to offer numerous choices for our customers and focus on energy procurement. By being independent, we can focus more on the client and customize our providing and speed of handling customer complaints.

How to a Start Service

Becoming a Nordic energy customer is effortless. The sign-up is simple, and you get the best rates in the area. To start a service:

  • Go to our website
  • Choose your state and utilities
  • Select a plan with your preferred rating
  • Complete the online enrolment form

You can find our services across areas like Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, Indiana, Maryland, and Virginia.

When looking for a reliable energy solutions provider, it would be best to consider the following factors:

  • Rate stability: It would be best to work with a provider who offers fixed prices with no hidden costs. The fixed-rate packages eliminate any worry of your energy bills getting costly in the future.
  • Tailored solutions: Your service provider should offer energy solutions customized for your needs. You will get a package best suited to your consumption rates and a price within your budget.

What to Expect from Our Service

You can choose between fixed and variable rates to start using our services, and each has its benefits and demerits.

Fixed-Price Package

The package has fixed pricing for your energy consumption. Once you get the offer, you don't have to worry about market fluctuations. It will protect you from inflation and when demand increases. The only problem is that you won't be able to enjoy low rates if the market rate lowers.

Variable-Rate Packages

These rates change with the fluctuations in the market. The prices will rise or lower depending on market demands. The advantage is you will benefit when the prices are low. On the other hand, you will receive higher prices when inflation occurs.

Get Started Today

This is the best time to make the switch and start enjoying the flexibility of working with an independent energy provider. Talk to us at Nordic Energy to help you begin your journey to reliable and affordable energy for your home and business use.

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DISCLAIMER: Nordic Energy Services, LLC ("Nordic"), is not the same entity as your electric delivery company. You are not required to enroll with Nordic. Beginning on (effective date), the electric supply price to compare is (price in cents per kilowatt hour). The electric utility electric supply price will expire on (expiration date). The utility electric supply price to compare does not include the purchased electricity adjustment factor. For more information go to the Illinois Commerce Commission's free website at The purchased electricity adjustment factor may range between +.5 cents and -.5 cents per kilowatt hour.
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