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New Jersey Energy Alternative New Jersey Natural Gas

To counteract global warming, the international community must address two crucial issues: energy security and environmental sustainability. Nonetheless, with New Jersey Energy Alternative, New Jersey Natural Gas, there is still hope for a more environmentally friendly future.

Natural gas has a lesser environmental impact than other fossil fuels. Because of its cost-competitiveness with coal and other fossil fuels like oil, natural gas is the most accessible long-term, renewable energy source. Using natural gas may also help enable the inclusion of renewable energy.

So How Big of an Impact Can RNG Have?

Demand for renewable natural gas is driven by a need for cleaner energy and a desire to minimize emissions. As a result, natural gas plays a crucial role in achieving the global goal of a low-carbon economy in the foreseeable future. 

The International Energy Agency states that global natural gas usage might account for 60% of total energy consumption by 2040. There will be significant development in India, China, and the United States.

But what exactly is renewable natural gas? And why is it important?

RNG is a biogas that decomposes organic material like food waste, manure, and agricultural residues. Unlike traditional natural gas, RNG doesn't contain any impurities, making it safe for human consumption.

In reality, natural gas emits less CO2 per unit of energy generated compared to coal and oil. What is more:

  • It's less expensive than coal or oil: According to recent research, it is roughly one-third cheaper to manufacture natural gas than to create coal. In addition, with recent drops in natural gas costs, several utilities are passing along the savings to customers.
  • It aids in the reduction of dependency on foreign oil.
  • It's better than coal or oil since it's more environmentally friendly. Coal mining accidents kill more people each year than any other business, including agriculture, save for the oil and gas industry. Drilling for oil has its own set of risks.
  • Natural gas may be used instead of coal or diesel to reduce emissions and improve air quality.
  • Gas may play a significant role in ensuring that the supply and demand of renewable energy sources are balanced, which is necessary.
  • In addition to industry and freight transportation, natural gas is essential for the movement of commodities.

How Are We Delivering This Clean Energy Vision?

In the coming years, the world will see a significant change in how it gets its energy. According to the IREA, by 2050, renewable sources will make up more than half of the world's electricity and almost all new power needs in many parts of the world. So what will we do from here?

Through new technology and the billions of dollars we've already spent on building a world-class, environmentally-friendly home heating pipeline network, we're on a mission to be better at what we do.

We are working to bring the next generation of clean energy to homes and businesses. It will help reduce emissions and meet climate goals in the most cost-effective and resilient way for people and companies.

What Does Energy Choice Mean?

Many retail energy companies in New Jersey are competing for customers. This competition can help you save money on your energy bills, get better customer service, develop more innovative energy solutions, and find an energy plan that fits your needs. Nordic Energy Services LLC, for example, sells gas and electricity plans in New Jersey to people who live there.

In this case, you buy electricity and gas from another company that owns the power plants but sells them to the utility. When you make your electricity with things like solar panels, wind turbines, hydroelectric dams, and so on, these are called renewables.

Green Hydrogen 

Over time, hydrogen has emerged to be the future, cleaner, abundant, and a little heavier fuel. However, new hydrogen storage methods might change that.

Hydrogen and oxygen may be produced from renewable sources such as solar or wind, rather than fossil fuels, by using energy provided by renewable sources such as these.

Just for a mention, hydrogen is the most abundant element. Given its flammable quality, it can be used to generate power and heat. Thus, it's safe to assume that it might ignite or explode if there is an excessive amount of heat. So, how do we resolve this?

The solution is green hydrogen, a result of electrolysis. Electrolysis is a process used to extract hydrogen and oxygen from water. You may store hydrogen or methane, which is advisable because less methane reduces the carbon footprint.

How Is Nordic Energy Leading the Way?

Being an independent firm, Nordic Energy can help build the hydrogen business in New Jersey. Better yet, Nordic Energy is changing homes by constructing a world-class distribution infrastructure to provide its consumers with the next generation of renewable energy.

Nordic Energy has built one of the most extensive distribution networks globally, spanning many states. If you want to take the natural gas route, get Nordic Energy Services LLC on board. 

You will have a great experience working with one of the top renewable energy distributors in New Jersey, Nordic Energy Services LLC.

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